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Nuckelavee should be about weirdness, grotesquerie or black magic. Biology should be subverted. Minds should be broken. Perceptions warped. Reality transmogrified. I am not just looking for Bizarro short fiction. I am looking for grotesque short fiction, Horror and Bizarro alike. I am looking for essays on grotesque topics or reviews of weird and twisted literature and cinema. I am looking for dark, warped poetry. I am looking for macabre, sick and strange. As long as there are no damn zombies. There is a place for zombies and Nuckelavee is not it. The brain buffet is closed, people. And sexy vampires…well, they’d better be Ingrid Pitt sexy or Amanda Donohoe in Lair of the White Worm sexy. I don’t want leatherpanted Anne Rice lotharios or Mormon sparkleponies. Word count is under 3,000 words. Payment is at the moment none. I will try and find a way to pay contributors to future issues, but I am a writer and Nuckelavee has no publisher support system at present, so funds for the project are nonexistent. What you get out of this is my approval and the company of great weird authors that do great work. Artwork is also welcome, but should somehow reflect an element of the spirit or shape of the mythical Nuckelavee.

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